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Name:ᴆᵣ᷊ ᴙᵊ₲ḭᶯ₳ᶫᵭ ᴃᶸ₴һᴚ∞ᵵ
Birthdate:Mar 28
Location:United States of America
Bushroot, of course.
And here's his story:

Formerly a renowned botanist, Dr. Reginald Bushroot once hoped to give people the gift of photosynthesis, just like plantlife, so that they wouldn't have to go hungry again. Sadly, the funding for his experiments were running short, so in a final act of desperation he performed his experiment on himslelf. The experiment transformed him into a part-plant mutant with the power to communicate telepathically with plants and pretty much control them. He used these newfound powers to take the lives of his rivals, Dr. Gary and Dr. Larson, who had tormented him for half his life, and nearly turned his former crush, Dr. Rhoda Dendron, into a mutant like himself, only to be stopped by Darkwing Duck.

Since then, Reginald Bushroot has lived the life of a criminal and a mutant, shunned by the populace for his appearance and tracked by the police for his crimes. He lives in a greenhouse where he often makes attempts to create an artificial "friend" or "lover" with his scientific skills and can normally be found stealing from Garden Centers for himself or his creations. The reasons behind his crimes normally relate to his loneliness, or the need for funding for his creations, and sometimes fights to conserve the environment. He is sometimes found among the Fearsome Five along with the villains Megavolt, Liquidator, Quackerjack and Negaduck.

Because of Bushroot's criminal record, he will always be branded an enemy by Darkwing Duck.

Now, about me:

When I'm mixing IC and OOC in my journal, or if I'm just going straight OOC, I use brackets. Otherwise, if in IC mode, I'm always writing Storybook-style. That's just how I roll and I hope other RPers can work with that.

...I might update this section spontaneously.

And also, this MIGHT become not only a Bushroot journal but also a Melvin the Martian (LU) journal. We'll see what happens. ^^
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